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The pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom is a very lucrative, prospective and rewarding career path for anyone wishing to take it as career. It is full of rewarding opportunities and potential that is waiting to be tapped by any ambitious and self-driven individual. The UK government has minimized the regulations governing the industry and also provided innumerable opportunities for one to start his or her own pharmaceutical company, pharmacy or chemist shop.

Well known countries that manufacture drugs like India have been allowed access to the pharmaceutical business of the UK. Some multinational companies from India have set up industries in the UK showing how the United Kingdom’s government is committed to the growth of the industry. Many colleges and universities have been accredited with the pharmaceutical board of UK to be efficient and with the facilities to offer pharmaceutical based courses in the UK.

The pharmaceutical industry offers a wide variety of rewarding opportunities for postgraduates, school leavers and also graduates.

Some multinational companies have set up their global headquarters in the UK, others have large development and research sites as well as support and commercial functions. Some companies also manufacture medicines in the UK. Additional rewarding opportunities arise in companies which carry out development and reach under contract for multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Working in the industry

Many roles and jobs in the pharmaceutical industry require engineering or science qualifications, but companies also recruit and employ people without a science background into roles such as IT, human resources,sales and marketing, finance, training and many administrative areas.

Medical representatives have to vigorously study and pass the exam for medical representative within 2 years of starting to work in this role.

Some the career paths that an individual can decide to take in the UK include: 

l Analytical chemist

l Animal technologist

l Biologist

l Biostatistics manager

l Chemical Biologist

l Chemical Engineer

l Chemist

l Clinical Data Manager

l Clinical Research Analyst

l Clinical Safety Scientist

l Data Sciences Manager

And many more lucrative career paths.

In the United Kingdom, there are over 40 universities that offers pharmaceutical based courses. This universities has been vetted and accredited to offer premium and quality pharmaceutical based courses in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom’s government takes all the quality assurance measures to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry is efficient and provides supreme services to its citizens.

Some of the universities that have been accredited by the United Kingdom’s government are: 

l Aston University

l Birmingham University

l Brighton University

l University of Sunderland

l University of Durham

l University of De Montfort

l University of Hertfordshire

l University of Huddersfield

l University of Kingston

l University of Lincoln

l University College London

l University of Reading

And many more universities.

Some of the salaries that individuals get annually after choosing the pharmaceutical industry as a career path include: 

l Pharmacists £37,379

l Paramedics £37,120

l Chemical scientists £37,674

l Health professionals £33,952

l Health and safety officers £31,875

l Dental practitioners £46,834

l Physical scientists £49,366

l Health associate professionals £22,537

l Health and social care associate professionals £21,428

l Laboratory technicians £21,180

l Dispensing opticians £20,982

l Pharmaceutical technicians £20,471

Pharmacists are healthcare specialists with specialized training and education who perform various roles to ensure premium health outcomes for their patients or clients through the quality use of drugs and medicines. Pharmacists may also be small-business individuals, owning the pharmacy. Since pharmacists know all about the mode of action of a specific drug, and its physiological and metabolism effects on the body of a human in supreme detail, they play a vital role in the optimization of a drug treatment.

Internationally,pharmacists are represented by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). They are also represented at the national level by astute professional organizations. In the United Kingdom, they are represented by the magnificent Royal Pharmaceutical Society. It is responsible with the registering of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists and chemists. They also maintain the ethics and regulation of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the United Kingdom, specializations in pharmacy practice also include: 

l cardiovascular

l oncology

l infectious disease

l pharmacotherapy

l nutrition

l nuclear

l psychiatry

Pharmacy technicians support the work of health professionals and pharmacists by performing pharmacy related functions, including medical procedures and dispensing prescription drugs to patients and how to use the drugs. They also perform administrative duties and roles in pharmaceutical practice that include reviewing prescription requests with insurance companies and medics’ offices to ensure correct medical prescriptions are administered and payment is received.

A Pharmacy Technician in the United Kingdom is considered a health care specialist and most of the time doesn’t work under the supervision of a pharmacist except if employed in a pharmacy of a hospital but instead is managed and supervised by other senior pharmacy technicians. In the United Kingdom the PhT role has grown and responsibility has been given on to them to take care of the pharmacy department and specialized areas in pharmacy practice allowing chemist and pharmacist to specialize in their expert field as consultants enabling them to spend more time with patients and research. A pharmacy technician who has qualified must register as a professional with the General Pharmaceutical Council. This is the governing body for pharmacy health care specialists. They regulates the practice of pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.