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As you may have already guessed from the name of this website, it is dedicated to the world of Pharmaceutical Careers, and as such if you are seeking information in that industry then we have a wealth of information that you are more than welcome to make use of through our blog posts, general Pharma career related articles and additional content. You may be surprised to learn that not many of the people who currently work in that industry originally intended to do so, for many people tend to start off with an interest in working in the medical profession in general.

Most Chemists will start off their further education courses with the hope of becoming a Nurse, Doctor, Midwife or with the hope of becoming a Surgeon, however many of those people will, for one reason or another make a change of direction and will wish to become a Chemist. Therefore and with that in mind if you are currently studying to become a medical professional and are becoming disillusioned with doing so and are now interested in a Pharmaceutical related career we have lots of information contained within this website that will be of interest to you. If on the other hand you have made up your mind that you would like to become a Chemist or in a supporting role in the Pharmaceutical related environments then we have plenty of additional information, blog posts and articles that are sure to be of interest to you, and below you will find an overview of just some of the many different topics we will be looking at throughout this site.

Planning a Career in Pharma You may not have made up your mind as to whether a career in Pharmaceuticals is the path for you, or you may have started to make enquiries about such a career. Either way we invite you to read through as many of the articles and guides throughout our website of which a few are highlighted below as they will give you lots of pointers and food for thought. Educational Requirements – If you are still at school or one of your children is showing an interest in working in the Pharmaceutical industry and environment, then it will be preferable that you seek out advice in regards to the right topics that they specialise in if given the option to pick out topics to be covered in their final few years at school. That will then enable them to take the right topics in regards to their further education when they leave school and then join a college or university. There are of course lots of different topics and subjects that can be taken depending in which part of the Pharmaceutical industry they are looking to specialize in and we will not over that aspect of their career in the following section.

Pharmaceutical Careers – There are, as mentioned above a huge array of different jobs available in the Pharmaceutical industry and it will always be worth investigating all of those career paths which your child or careers advisor as by doing so you can then make the correct decisions in regards to your education or that of your child. We have put together throughout this website a very diverse range of guides which enlighten readers on each job that is available in the Pharmaceutical industry and as such you should take a look at them as many of the jobs are quite specialised and will require a different level of skill and ability. In fact, many people who do wish to take a career in Pharmaceuticals will seek the help and guidance of someone who is already working in that environment and that may be something that you will be interested in doing. However, a careers advisor will always be most people's first point of call when seeking out such advice. Business Opportunities – If you are interested in actually opening up your own chemists shop or Pharmacy then that is an industry in itself for whilst there are lots of independent chemists who either run a standalone shop or a small chain of chemist shops you will also find many companies offering a franchise business opportunity. There are of course many benefits to be had of choosing either to operate independently or as part of a franchise, and we do have some rather specialist articles which will be covering those two different types of trading environments.

However, it will always be beneficial for you to carefully consider all options that are available to you when you are thinking of operating a pharmacy yourself and as such do take a step back and fully research all of the options that are available to you carefully. On the Job Training – One additional way that anyone who does have an interest in making a career in the Pharmaceutical industry is going to be able to decide just which avenue to take is by getting on the job training. There are many jobs that you can take in a chemists shop for example that will offer a foot in the door so to speak type of experience and by taking an initial low level job in a chemist shop you can then explore the additional career paths that will be on offer in such a place. However, there are of course lots of Pharmaceutical manufacturers who also offer some form of apprenticehsip and that is another option for you to consider if you are convinced you do wish to work in the Pharmaceutical industry, and we have plenty of additional articles and guides on this website that will enlighten you as to where and how you will find such apprenticeships being offered. We pride ourselves on the content available throughout this website and have an ongoing program of updates and as such you are always going to find lots of additional content is available to you if you decide to make repeat visits to this website which is what we hope you will do.