Locum pharmacy jobs

If you are a qualified pharmacist, locum pharmacy jobs can offer a excellent flexibility in both your career and lifestyle.

Pharmacy jobs exist in every corner of the globe, and due to the 'round the clock' nature of healthcare and the constant demands this requires, the demand for locum pharmacists is high in pretty much every part of every nation you could either want to visit or live in.

If you are a young pharmacist and looking to experience different parts of the world, locum pharmacy jobs can provide an the support you need to work in a variety of countries. Although qualifications may vary in different countries, New Zealand and Australia are popular destinations for pharmacists looking to combine career experience with world travel. Once settled into a locum pharmacy role, either country can provide a base for travel around the southern hemisphere along with a solid base income to fund travel activities.

Rates of pay can be well above the norm. From a commercial perspective and employer is having to find a limited resource at a time of need and consequently they are prepared to pay a premium in order to do so. For some people, having a regular employer offers security and comfort, along with company benefits such as pensions and paid holidays. However, if you can tolerate the emotional effects nof being in 'permanent' employment, the financial rewards can be significant, as well as the additional benefits of flexibility that locum pharmacy jobs bring.

In many cases, the need for a locum pharmacist may arise to cover anti social hours such as evenings, weekends and bank holidays, although in these scenarios rates of pay are usually comparably higher to reflect the anti social hours.

The UK in particular has a shortage of qualified pharmacists, so the demand of lucom pharmacists is set to remain high for the foreseeable future. Whether you are a young pharmacist looking for the flexibility of a locum role, or perhaps a more experienced pharmacist seeking interim work having suffered redundancy, the locum pharmacy jobs market offers a welcome safety net and an opportunity to always find work at short notice.

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